Alan Yeung

Hi there!

My name is Alan Yeung, and I’m a Computer Science and Economics major at Colorado College. My research interests include computer vision and artificial intelligence. I would love to, one day, work on computer driven cars. Creating a network of wirelessly connected cars could save millions of lives and millions of hours. Also, on the economics side I’m interested in investments. Specifically I want to research human investment decisions and prediction. My hobbies include fly fishing, texas hold’em poker, hiking, running, tennis, and puzzles. If you want to know more about me or want to chat about something interesting feel free to send me an email. Also if you couldn’t tell by the snow, I love the holidays!

Future Plans:

  • Work as a system administrator at Lockheed Martin after graduating from Colorado College.
  • Start a business that makes an impact on society.


  • Travel to every continent
  • Make a fun robot
  • See the northern lights (Aurora Borealis)